Best Airport Ground Staff Training Institute in Jaipur

Jet Age Aviation provides the professional staff servicing course which will help you to handle the ground activities at Airport and Airline Companies.

Being the best airport ground staff training institute in Jaipur, the course includes both classroom and practical sessions. This will give you a perfect knowledge of operational procedures in airline and aviation industry.

Additionally, this will help you in personality development and grooming to improve communication skills.

Best Airport Ground Staff Training Institute in Jaipur


Course Highlights

1) In-depth knowledge of aviation and airport management

2) Better Communication Skills

3) Personality Development, learning various makeup skills and art

4) Job and Placement Opportunities

5) Travelling to International and Worldwide


Doing the course from Jet Age Aviation,The best airport ground staff training institute in Jaipur

Best Airport Ground Staff Training Institute in Jaipurwill make you learn and grow in many ways as the services we are providing are :-

  • Cost-effective and comprehensive service
  • Highly relevant, experienced candidates
  • Fast and Growing Academy
  • Interviewing services
  • Expertise in global mobility and logistics
  • Specialist industry knowledge, ensuring a good candidate match

If you don’t know; First of all get to know, what is: Airport Ground Staff or Ground Crew.




Activities of Ground Staff Training includes:-

  • Checking passenger’s details for flights.
  • Re-routing or re-booking passengers whose flights have been cancelled or delayed.
  • Giving passengers up-to-date information on flights, including lost baggage.
  • Assisting in carrying out security checks as and when the situation arises.
  • Draft and hand over the necessary documents for the flight to the aircraft captain.
  • Preparation of the flight plan, weather condition and other important information.

These are some of the basic activities, which will are necessary to learn for the Ground Staff Training.

So, join us and be a part of the best airport ground staff training institute in Jaipur

– Jet Age Aviation and explore the world.

Other than Airport Ground Staff; We offer Air Hostess, Cabin Crew, Travel and Hospitality Management

Courses at Jet Age Aviation.

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