Rules & Regulations

Application Form
All application for admission must be made on prescribed training centre application form only.
Students should have minimum 80% attendance in the classes. His/Her percentage would be counted from the date of admission only.
Identity Card
Identity cards will be issued to all students and they are to bring their identity card along with them while coming to the training centre otherwise he/she will not be permitted to enter in the training centre.
An excellent behavior and good conduct is expected from all students. This training centre maintains absolute discipline. Violation of these rules will result in severe disciplinary action. Student expelled on grounds of indiscipline act will not be entitled to any license, certificate, refund of fee and deposits etc.
Educational Tours
The training centre arranges visits and tours to places of technical interest. Students are liable to pay cost towards such visits.
Library fee
Library fee is included in the total fees, which is not refundable.
Students has to wear proper & clean uniform. The uniform will be provided by the training center at reasonable cost.
Without uniform no student will be permitted in training centre premises.
Progress Report
Progress report of each student will be sent to his/her parents/guardian after every internal test and result of final examination by post.
Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Student found guilty are liable for severe punishment, also the matter will be reported to the police.

Note : All Kind of fees are strictly non refundable and non transferable and student can not claim in any Case.

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